Late night solicitors show up at Bellevue homes on Memorial Day

Resident details her experience with a solicitor that occurred during the holiday weekend.
WSMV4's Sharon Danquah reports.
Published: May. 30, 2023 at 6:38 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Late night solicitors are at it again. Last week they were in the Sylvan Park area and now in Bellevue.

Neighbors said the door-to-door salesmen don’t have business cards and come multiple times a day, but it doesn’t end there.

They’re guys who knock on doors and ring bells, but people living along McPherson Drive said they don’t have business cards and the company they claim to work for isn’t aware of anyone working on Memorial Day.

Silvia Mejia said at first she wasn’t fazed when her Ring doorbell camera sent her a video of a man knocking on her door.

“It was 8 o’clock on Monday, and a holiday,” Mejia said.

That’s when Mejia said a man was ringing bells and knocking on doors.

“I didn’t answer or anything because I was riding my motorcycle,” Mejia said.

But moments after Mejia said she drove into her driveway and walked into her backyard, she jumped.

“He was right there standing right next to my bike,” Mejia said.

Mejia said he tried to sell her pest control services.

“Your neighbor Jennifer is to have our services tomorrow and you’ll see our trucks and I said I don’t have a neighbors named Jennifer,” Mejia said.

So, she asked him to leave.

“And I asked him for a business card just to make sure he was truly with the company, but he got into his car and just left,” Mejia said.

“So, I called the company and they said they are not aware that anybody was doing sales on a holiday and that she had received three more phone calls regarding this,” she said.

When WSMV4 visited the street to speak with other neighbors on Tuesday, the guys going door-to-door were back. WSMV4 asked one of the men for a business card. He said he didn’t have one.

WSMV4 asked him why the company said they didn’t know people were out here selling on Memorial Day, and he said he wasn’t sure.

Mejia said she’s now on edge.

“Maybe they are doing their job but it’s hard to know now a days. You just don’t know anymore,” Mejia said.

WSMV4 reached out to the company for a comment, but have not received a reply.