Metro Schools prepares for TCAP tutoring programs

Around 4,000 students were helped by 1,200 tutors during this spring semester.
Published: May. 24, 2023 at 8:23 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Third grade students who didn’t pass the first round of TCAP tests will begin getting re-test results back starting Thursday.

If a student does not pass this time around, there are a couple of different options to keep them from being held back. Metro Nashville Public Schools is preparing to help students through those programs.

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If a student doesn’t retake the test or scores in the “approaching expectations” range, they can participate in summer school or get reading tutoring during fourth grade. If a student scores “below expectations” they must do both.

Grace Bailey runs the MNPS Accelerating Scholars tutoring program and said they’ve already had a lot of success since it was started during the pandemic using teachers, outside tutoring companies and volunteers. Around 4,000 students were helped by 1,200 tutors during this spring semester.

“We are already committed to growing and scaling accelerating scholars to meet the needs of as many students as possible,” Bailey said.

MNPS is encouraging students to take the summer school option instead of tutoring for an entire school year, but Bailey said they expect around 2,000 new students to need tutoring next year. They’ve hired more outside tutoring services and are recruiting more volunteers to help with the program.

Bailey said parents should not go out and hire a private tutor to help their student over the summer because only their school is certified to provide the state program to keep them from being held back.

“We as a district are providing this service to all impacted families, and more, free of charge,” Bailey said. “We strive to provide as much during the school day as possible.”

There are a number of organizations that have partnered with MNPS for the Accelerating Scholars program, including Vanderbilt University students and other volunteers that serve as tutors.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” tutor Daniel Finney said. “I was nervous at first just because I didn’t have much of a tutoring background, but the training program and curriculum they provide kind of quelled those concerns in the beginning.”

“My students would always say, ‘what do you mean our 30 minutes are up?’ and we would have to say, ‘oh it is,’” tutor Perkie Cannon said. “They would look forward to having the chance to talk, to be together, to have the opportunity to look at some new words and books and things of that nature.”

Anyone can apply to become a tutor online and will be matched with students in the fall. Students get three 30-minute sessions per week and work within a set curriculum.